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Published: 07th March 2011
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Fabric door stops are the most chic things that one could use near their doors as they serve two purposes at one go…decorative as well as practical. Decorative door stops serve the purpose of stopping the door from slamming with great force and also enhance the look of the entire door frame when nice fabric door stops are chosen.

There are in fact a wide range of door stops UK that one could pick from. Funky door stops that come in the most unique patterns and novelty door stops which are in every sense novel, animal door stops that come in different animal patterns…you could indeed think out of the box and get creative and innovative ideas in which you are going to get your fabric door stops.

FabricDoorStops is one such online store which caters to the varying demands and needs of people as far as door stops UK are concerned. Though the fabric door stops come in fabric, the inner materials are adequately heavy so that the purpose of the door stop is met effectively. You also could probably choose the materials that you are going to use inside and then choose your outer fabric.

If you are going in for animal door stops, you could choose from the different animal shapes to make the fabric door stops. Creativity could be at its hilt if you are planning for novelty door stops. Door stops have a lot of utilitarian value as they allow a gush of fresh air to enter into the house when they hold the door in place, and yes, at times we definitely feel like having the door open. Fabric door stops are the most preferred ones because they do not scratch the doors like the metal door stops would do.

Styling your fabric door stops in different shapes and patterns is more fun as there is a lot of variety that one could play around with. You could have it synchronize with the color of your interior walls, curtains and furniture so that you give the room a complete look. FabricDoorStops hosts a vast collection of different types of door stops which you could choose to match with the décor of your individual rooms. Browse through the entire collection and pick your funky door stops that would welcome your guests into the home. So, here is variety when you are thinking of fabric door stops that would protect your children from getting their hands crushed and also add beauty to your house.

Fabric door stops - Colourful handmade door stops - Discover our wide range of Door stops uk that will put warmth in the heart of your house.

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